LCL Search

If your shipment is a direct arrival, type any part of the vessel name in the section(vessel or IT#) and enter your piece count, then search. If your shipment cleared at any other port, type the word "clear" in the IT# section and enter your piece count, then search.

(Info provided applies to the original container ETA to the first Terminal Transfer facility)


"Not Available (date)" Container is not yet available at the Port/Exam Site (date of the original ETA)
"Dispatched (date)" A driver is now designated to pickup container (date status changed)
"Devanning AM/PM(date)" Container is now unloading with AM or PM ETA (date antipated complete)
"Complete (date)" Container is now unloaded at first TT Facility. If your shipment needs to transfer to another TT facility this does not mean your cargo is complete at final destination until you see the "Date In" column populated.